To read one of our whitepapers we request you fill in your email address.

To read one of our whitepapers we request you fill in your email address.

Chemistry analyses

Our Chemical Laboratories are located in Heerenveen and Rotterdam (LabCo), where we examine both water and food and feed products by means of an extensive package of chemical analyses. We analyze the standard nutritional values of products such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats, but also other substances such as caffeine, organic acids and metals. In addition to performing the analyses, we also provide advice on the analysis method to be applied for each product.  The Carbohydrates Expertise Centre (CCC) is developing new methods in the field of complex carbohydrate analyses.

Laboratory Heerenveen

In the laboratory in Heerenveen we are specialized in determining the content of ash, caffeine, proteins, elements, nitrate/nitrite, (free or total) fat, moisture, carbohydrates and dietary fiber, among other things. We carry out this research for a broad scope of food products including infant and toddler nutrition, animal feed, milk and dairy.  You can contact us for all food and beverages, including supplements and raw materials.

Laboratory LabCo

The Eurofins Laboratory in Rotterdam provides chemical analyses in the field of oils and fats in products. Some of our analyses include peroxide, coagulation curve, solid fat content (determining the number of solid particles at certain temperatures; the melting point). We also measure, for example, how old or clean oil is on the basis of oxidation stability. Oil or grease is sometimes extracted from a product using chemicals. We test that there are no chemicals in the oil that are still flammable. Such information is useful if you are faced with choices during your production process. Suppose you know that palm oil melts at 35 degrees, then you can use that ingredient in the Netherlands if it needs to keep its texture; in hot countries this is not the case.

Eurofins Expertise Centre

As a manufacturer, you want to know how many carbohydrates and dietary fibers there are in your end product. An important reason for this is that these values must be stated correctly on the label. For potential buyers of your product, a certain level of carbohydrates and fiber can be a reason to choose your product. The Eurofins CCC helps with complex issues or innovative developments. The  CCC supports the routine lab with complex analyses and investigates solutions to test new carbohydrate or fiber types. Such as glucans from fungi and oligosaccharides from starch, human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) in children's milk or fibers in insects or seaweed products.


New analysis techniques

The Eurofins Expertise Centre CCC uses its high-quality knowledge to improve and speed up existing analyses in the field of carbohydrates and dietary fiber. We develop new methods and standards and validate new equipment. We do this in close consultation with quality organizations such as AOAC, NEN, ISO and IDF. We know that every hour makes a big difference for you. The dietary fiber analyses are becoming more and more automated, which means that they are also completed more quickly.

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Advice on your production process

Tailor-made advice is possible. Together with our clients, we look at the role that carbohydrates play in ingredients and how they should be processed. It is possible that the production process is not optimally designed. For example, the temperature in one of your machines leads to the breakdown of molecules or that the composition is not homogeneous due to the water management. We like to think along with you if the ingredients do not ensure the correct composition of your end product. And manufacturers who want to make their product healthier, we recommend - based on the latest trends - how they can reduce the calorific value, make the product less fat or reduce the sugar and salt content.

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