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Eurofins has extensive experience in the fish sector, from fishing in the country of origin to the final product in the supermarket. This enables us, as a cooperation partner, to offer you a total package of services to guarantee and optimize the quality and food safety of your products. In addition, we are also able to carry out analyses to determine the DNA of the fish species. Our Fraud Department will help you to determine the country of origin of the fish.

Seafood is subject to strict legislation and controls in order to guarantee food safety. For fish, microbiological requirements are laid down in Regulation EC 2073/2005 and chemical requirements in Regulation EC 1881/2006. However, regulations concerning labelling are being tightened up further and further.  

High quality and fast turnaround times are of paramount importance to Eurofins. We therefore use a standard lead time of 24 hours for the determination of, among other things, listeria and salmonella. In our "Competence Centers" we have all the knowledge and expertise to be able to determine the nutritional value and vitamins, for example.

These analyses occur in Fish

  • Zware metalen
  • Nematoden
  • TVB-N
  • Polyfosfaten
  • Wateronderzoek
  • Luchtonderzoek
  • Oppervlakonderzoek
  • Antibiotica
  • Voedingswaarde
  • Houdbaarheidsonderzoeken
  • Histamine
  • Pesticiden
  • Gasmetingen in verpakking
  • Dioxine
  • PCB's
  • Authenticiteit
  • Organoleptisch onderzoek
  • Clostridium Botulinum

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