To read one of our whitepapers we request you fill in your email address.

To read one of our whitepapers we request you fill in your email address.

About us

Our organization

With Eurofins Food, Feed, Water you are able to bring the safety and freshness of your food and water to the next level. We call this Fresh & Safe 2.0!

With more than 700 employees and 12 knowledge centers & laboratories, Eurofins Food, Feed, Water Benelux makes an important contribution to ensuring food and water safety. The Eurofins network of companies sees this as one of its most important tasks. More than ever we want to know what we eat. We want to know how our food is produced, whether farmers are fairly rewarded and whether the information on the label matches the contents of the packaging. For producers and retailers, among others, it is important to obtain reliable information about the origin of their raw materials and products.

With a global knowledge network of no less than 900 laboratories, 58,000 colleagues in 54 countries, we help our customers with quality and safety, to comply with regulations, to reduce their costs and to avoid waste. We ensure that the quality of water and food is guaranteed at all times. Our focus is on customer focus, quality, competence, team spirit and integrity.

We have been in existence since 1987. With over 30 years of experience, we are a reliable and experienced knowledge partner. Among other things, we provide support:

  • Changing laws and regulations
  • Food and water safety 
  • Innovation
  • Chain management

Our mission

To contribute to global health and (food) safety by providing our customers with high quality laboratory and advisory services. We also want to create opportunities for our employees and generate a sustainable return for our shareholders.

Our vision

In the coming years Eurofins Food, Feed, Water Benelux will move from a data supplier to a knowledge partner in the food and water chain of our customers. We guarantee the quality and safety of food and water throughout the Benelux and provide a quality guarantee at product level. This makes us a reliable partner in the production process of our customers.

What we do

About Eurofins Scientific

Eurofins Scientific was founded in 1987 by four French entrepreneurs with the aim of marketing the SNIF-NMR® method. Developed by the parents of one of the founders at the University of Nantes, SNIF-NMR® was originally a unique method of analysis to test the origin and purity of wine and thus prevent fraud. In 30 years, the company has grown into a listed company with a turnover of more than 4 billion Euros and is a leader in the food, environment and pharmaceutical laboratories industry. Eurofins has been able to build up an enormous reputation through our knowledge centres from which our customers and indirectly, of course, society benefit.

Eurofins in figures

The size of Eurofins ensures that we have a contingency plan for all types of analyses, which means that in case of calamities there is always a backup lab available and therefore we limit the risk of not being able to deliver to our customers.  This makes Eurofins extremely suitable as a 'sole supplier'. For our customers, and via our 'one-stop-shop', you have all the information you need via one channel.  In addition, we have specialists in-house who can help you with complex issues on various expert requirements.