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To read one of our whitepapers we request you fill in your email address.

Food, feed and water quality and safety. That's what we stand for!

As a trusted knowledge partner to farmers, traders, producers and retailers, Eurofins Food, Feed, Water Benelux is committed to guaranteeing the quality and safety of your food, feed and water products every day.

Country of origin

Eurofins Food, Feed, Water Benelux' experts have a great deal of experience and knowledge covering the entirety of the food and water chain and are dedicated to ensuring your products are high quality and safe.

Quality control starts at the very beginning of the chain by testing raw materials. Our global network of companies in food and feed testing enables us to perform sampling and analysis in the country of origin. Our verified samplers work in accordance with the applicable EU guidelines and the standards of, among others, the Fosfa and Gafta. These standards are set up in such a way that the analysis results issued for one sample provide certainty for the entire load. This process is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council in accordance with the EU regulation EG 2002/63.

If you have doubts regarding the sourcing of your products or the raw materials used to manufacture them, Eurofins Food, Feed, Water Benelux experts can help you to determine their origin and composition. We are also able to prevent fraud through a risk analysis. 

Laws and regulations

Raw materials and products have to legally meet certain quality and safety requirements. These rules are captured in the commodity law. But nowadays there are also additional European regulations that apply in the Benelux. The NVWA checks whether the commodity law is being complied and ensures that food is safe, Extra-statutory rules guarantee agreements within sectors, for example GlobalGAP, where the retail trade places demands on agricultural products. Our experts provide reliable advice on the evolution of applicable regulations and ensures that products are always compliant. 

"Our samplers are active in the ARA-region (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp), but we can also help you with with sampling and inspections in the country of origin." 


Retailers are at the end of the chain. Quality and safety are extremely important to them as they are responsible for delivering products directly to consumers and want to retain their trust. Therefore, they have set up quality systems conditions manufacturers need to respect in order to guarantee the quality and safety of finished products.

Eurofins Food, Feed, Water Benelux employs quality consultants who help on a secondment basis to implement quality systems at the manufacturing stage of the value chain. We also provide training so manufacturers can better guarantee the quality and safety of their own products.

Furthermore, our experts are able to monitor whether the composition of your product complies with the relevant legislation. We also perform label checks to ensure that the labels complies with the regulatory framework in place, even when exported to other countries. Our experts at Eurofins Food Safety Solutions and Bureau de Wit also carry out hygiene audits for large and small retailers or catering establishments as a form of self-regulation. The audit from the NVWA is then no longer an issue.

We have experts with a great deal of experience and knowledge throughout the food and water chain to guarantee the quality and safety of food and water products.

Innovation for correct label information

Food and feed labels must display correct truthful information regarding the product's composition. Due to the use of new ingredients, it may occur that existing testing methods, which measure values in product compostion, do not suffice anymore. 

Our Eurofins Expertise Centre CCC is your partner in finding solutions for your product innovation. We develop new methods for correct analysis of dietary fiber and carbohydrates, such as sugars. This way you can be sure that the correct information will end up on your product's label - which is essential as more and more consumers are suffering from food allergies or intolerances. For patients with diabetes, for example, it is also important to know exactly how much sugar a product contains. Thanks to our innovative research, you will be able to use and label new ingredients with confidence.