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To read one of our whitepapers we request you fill in your email address.

Eurofins LabCo


Eurofins LabCo, Nederland

Bijdorpplein 21-23

2992 LB Barendrecht

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Eurofins LabCo has many years of experience and in-depth expertise in the analysis of both ingredients and end-products for the animal feed and food markets. With our strategic location close to the port of Rotterdam, we can deliver results within short turn around times (TAT). We can provide a 24/7 service when urgent analyses are required. Our specialists are experts in international regulations relating to animal feed and food ingredients, and know exactly what is expected of a world-class laboratory. Our laboratory in Rotterdam is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA), and the majority of the analyses are accredited to and carried out in accordance with the official international methods such as ISO, ASTA, FOSFA, GAFTA, GMP+, VERNOF and AOCS.

A rich history
Our laboratory was founded in 1957. In that year, the Royal Dutch Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) in Rotterdam set up a laboratory for research into agrarian materials. In 1984 they transferred the laboratory to a separate limited company: Laboratorium van Het Comité van Graanhandelaren B.V. (Grain Trade Association Laboratory), with departments for Sample Storage, Sample Shipment and (Technical) Administration. Until 1993 the Grain Trade Association was the sole shareholder. In May of that year the articles of association were changed, together with the name which became LabCo bv Laboratory Services. To strengthen the shareholders’ funds of LabCo, LabCo Participanten B.V. was established. The participants in this company had a 49% shareholding. Their everyday work consisted of trading, distribution and processing of agrarian ingredients. The remaining 51% of the shares were held by the Grain Trade Association.     

From independent lab to Eurofins LabCo
For reasons that included responding more effectively to people from (semi-)governmental organisations, suppliers of (agrarian) ingredients and industry, the laboratory became increasingly independent over the years. The analysis location was extended further to handle products including vegetable and animal oils and fats, microbiology, foodstuffs and confectionery, body- and healthcare and dairy products. 

LabCo was acquired in 2012 following a bankruptcy. Eurofins had already shown interest in 2011, and in 2012 was able to welcome Eurofins LabCo as part of its international laboratory chain. Eurofins LabCo moved from ADM Europoort – one of the largest agrarian processing companies and foodstuff suppliers – to Eurofins in Barendrecht. 

Eurofins LabCo: experience in trading and shipment 
Eurofins LabCo is now a large and innovative player in the analysis of foods, oils and fats, herbs and spices, nuts, tropical and subtropical fruits and animal feed ingredients. We understand what the sector needs, because our experts have extensive experience in the food and animal feed sector. They are closely involved with the same challenges and problems that you may also be facing today. And they are also familiar with the dynamic world of goods trading and shipment, with fast analyses, surveys and transport logistics. 

Experts in analyses
Eurofins LabCo offers excellence in analyses of contaminants, including mycotoxines. These substances can for example produce moulds in grains during transport by boat or in containers. We also have a unique capability in organoleptic investigations, in which we test for the presence of unwanted elements in the product – for example the inclusion of sand, gravel or bone particles. In addition, we excel in analyses for:
-    Fatty acid patterns
-    Oxidation stability
-    Quality of oil, moisture and other volatile constituents
-    GAFTA analyses such as proteins, fibres and fat
-    Proximate analyses for animal feed products

Our customer service is glad to provide our customers with additional information about the analysis results.

Knowledge partner right through the chain
Our services don’t just include carrying out your analyses. As knowledge partner, we are happy to support you in managing the risks to the quality and safety of animal feed and food. From growing and packing the ingredients, right through to the end-product at the retailer. We provide growers, producers, processors and retailers with advice on legislation and regulatory measures on a daily basis. We do this in the Netherlands, where ingredients are grown or arrive at the port of Rotterdam. And we also work in the country of origin, where the local Eurofins laboratories analyse herbs and spices, coffee and cocoa and other ingredients. All these services are coordinated from Eurofins LabCo in Rotterdam. And that’s a big reassurance for our customers!