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To read one of our whitepapers we request you fill in your email address.


The Eurofins laboratory in Rotterdam – LabCo – was founded in 1957 by the Royal Dutch Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA), and has a rich history in these trades. Our laboratory is recognised by GAFTA as an analysis and ‘referee’ laboratory, of which there are only four worldwide and one in the Netherlands. That means our laboratory is also recognised by GMP+ and OVOCOM. With our extensive network of specialists, we can additionally advise you on all kinds of processes in the chain. This knowledge can be a valuable asset – for example if you want to be certain that you are compliant with all the applicable regulations and guidelines.

From our base in Barendrecht, located near the port of Rotterdam, we are glad to serve all those working in purchasing, production, processing and retail in the animal feed segment. Our Customer Service and Sample Reception point are located near to where your raw materials arrive in the country. Eurofins LabCo analyses your raw materials or end products for their microbiological quality and the presence of contaminants such as mycotoxins, pesticides, alkaloids and dioxins. For example, if your soya or maize are imported from South America, there is a chance that they may have been treated with chemicals that have no longer been permitted in the Netherlands for many years. With our analysis results, you can protect animals – and ultimately also consumers – from eating harmful substances in their feed and foodstuffs.

Eurofins: GMP+ certified
At Eurofins LabCo, we carry out a wide range of these analyses in our own laboratory in Barendrecht. We outsource some complex analyses to other specialist Eurofins laboratories. All laboratories with which we work together in the analyse of your sample work entirely in accordance with the GMP+ working processes, and are certified for this purpose. This means we can guarantee the quality of our analyses with the shortest possible throughput time.

Not only an analyst – also your knowledge partner
The legislation and associated guidelines from the industry are constantly becoming stricter and more complex. For example there are numerous exceptions which it’s very useful to know. How can you be sure that you’re compliant with all the relevant rules and regulations? Eurofins LabCo has in-depth knowledge of the animal feed market and of the GMP+ guidelines and regulations. And we’re happy to be your knowledge partner.  

Advice on every process in the chain
We assure the quality of the raw materials from cultivation to processing. Our advice also provides valuable support during the mixing and drying process. For example some drying processes reduce the number of pesticides used, or allow exceptions to the Maximum Residue Limit (MRL). The mixing of feed is also a very precise process – excessive amounts of vitamins in concentrated feeds can also be harmful to animals. Together with the Eurofins Competence Centre for vitamin analysis in Denmark, we investigate the presence of vitamins in the product as well as how evenly these are distributed. This allows us to check whether the mixing process is working correctly, using the knowledge of Europe’s best and largest vitamin laboratory. In brief: our focus is not only on your end-product, but also on every step in the chain.  

Analysis packages
Eurofins offers animal feed traders and processers contractual GAFTA and FOSFA analysis packages. We can work together for high-quality, sustainable animal feed products, using good ingredients and full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 

If you would like to use the services of Eurofins LabCo, please contact our Customer Service team via or our Sales department at

These analyses occur in Feed

  • Zware metalen
  • Vitamines
  • Zearalenon
  • E.coli
  • Enterobacteriaceae
  • Gisten
  • Salmonella
  • Gisten en schimmels
  • Asgehalte
  • Etiketcontrole
  • Nutrionele pakket BIG4
  • Nutrionele pakket BIG8
  • Weender pakket
  • T-2 toxine
  • Pesticiden
  • Aflatoxine B1, B2, G1, G2
  • Alkaloïden
  • Aminozuren
  • Deoxynivalenol
  • PCB's
  • Dioxine
  • Fumonisine
  • HT-2 toxine
  • Mineralen
  • Mycotoxines
  • Ochratoxine A
  • Zetmeel

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