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Water inspection

Do you have a question about water quality and water safety? Then you have come to the right place. Whether you work in the industrial sector, retail, swimming pool or healthcare. As a manufacturer or retailer, you want to be sure that your drinking and process water is of the right quality. Of course you want to avoid legionella in the personnel showers. And it is possible that water is also an ingredient in your production process. Then quality is perhaps even more important. Anyone who uses the water from their own source must first have it certified as drinking water quality. Almost every production process involves process water, for example as a coolant or when cleaning your installation. Water plays an important role in your organization unnoticed. Fortunately, Eurofins also specializes in water quality and safety.

Tailor-made advice and support

We look forward to hearing from you. We are happy to find a solution to your challenges. That is why we are happy to start with an inventory of your building with water installation and your situation. We would like to know more about the type of water and your processes, so that we can help you to map out the risks and the legal context. On the basis of this information, we, as your knowledge partner, will be happy to consider how we can best advice or support you. From the drawings for a new building to ensure the correct construction of the water supply network, up to a renovation, or if your building changes function. Our experienced team of advisors knows how to deal with any situation or request advice in the form of advice or support.

Good water quality management

Our people can be found all over the Netherlands, so also around the corner. Our colleagues always act and advise in accordance with the latest laws and regulations. We also support you in complying with legal standards with your drinking and process water. Drawing up a risk inventory and risk management plan will help in this respect. Not only do we advise you on the management, we can also check whether the management is satisfactory for you. We will then take care of your sampling and analysis at our own laboratories, where our skilled colleagues will look for technical solutions to carefully measure the water quality. C-mark is BRL 6010 certified and accredited for sampling by the Council for Accreditation. You will receive the analyses and interpretations from us, with advice for your management. We can recommend in advance which parameters you can have analyzed and why.


C-mark is your partner for complete relief. We make sure that you comply with the legal requirements at all times and we maintain the water quality. We also provide specialist advice in the event of changes in your situation, or in the event of changes in legislation and regulations. Of course, customers can also purchase individual services from us. A selection of our services:

  • Sampling and analysis of drinking water, process water and swimming pool water
  • Legionella prevention: risk analysis and management plan, sampling and analysis of Legionella, temperatures and rinses, check valve control, cleaning, Legionella-safe shower heads and digital Legionella management
  • Audits and inspections
  • Source research
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Secondment
  • Pool (water) safety: risk analysis and management plan, sampling and analysis of pool water, air research and online monitoring

For more information about C-mark and our services, please visit or contact us directly or telephone number 088-831 05 00.


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