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To read one of our whitepapers we request you fill in your email address.

Catering Industry

Bureau de Wit carries out inspections and advises entrepreneurs in the catering industry and retailers on food and water safety. We often work for hotels, restaurants, caterers, care institutions and specialty shops or small retailers such as bakers, butchers or greengrocers. Our expert staff will be happy to help you with optimum hygiene and legionella prevention, from production to consumption. Whether you serve dishes, take care of guests during their stay or sell meat, pastries or vegetables: you want to deliver quality and comply with laws and regulations. We will be happy to help you with that.

We have been doing this since 1961, when the laboratory was founded. In the meantime, Bureau de Wit has grown into a fully-fledged consultancy firm with a wide range of services. What has never changed: just like you, we are guest-oriented and catering-minded. Service orientation is in our DNA, from our administration and customer service to our advisors and consultants.

Tailor-made food safety
We would like to get to know your situation first: the start of every risk inventory. Based on your situation, we can best advice, support and relieve you of your worries. For example, we will be happy to tell you what to look out for when you import ingredients for dishes or for your specialist shop from abroad. How to apply the hygiene code responsibly. Which tests are best carried out. Or what is important during the transport of your ingredients. Our specialists have all the knowledge in house.

Food safety services
They are also happy to use this knowledge on a consultancy basis. Our consultants can implement or maintain a quality system for you. This enables you to monitor whether you comply with all legislation and regulations relating to food safety. Our consultants also collect or manage information about allergens. This saves you a lot of time. If you conduct an HACCP quality audit with us, you will be able to demonstrate - with good results - that you demonstrably work according to a safe and structured method during the preparation of food. A food safety inspection and a food safety subscription with supervision are also possible. If you go for the Bureau de Wit quality mark, the NVWA will give you less control if you get good results. And of course we still take care of your sampling and analysis, on the basis of which we can advise you.

Legionella prevention
In the field of water, we do the same thing. We make an inventory of the water installation, the taps and your processes in order to map out the risks for your organization. This results in advice and, if desired, a management plan. Depending on the type of company, you must comply with legislation and regulations. The rules have been tightened up at so-called 'priority locations'. These include locations where people spend the night, such as hotels or care institutions. We are happy to help these organizations translate the legislation into practice. Even for non-priority locations, which are not obliged to do so, it is advisable to make a risk inventory and management plan for legionella and to have water samples taken periodically. After all, you always have a 'duty of care' for your guests or visitors. With sampling and microbiological analyses we measure the water quality. The results can be a reason to adjust your management tasks.

Training and tools
We also share our knowledge during training courses for hotel and catering employees and employees of specialty shops or care institutions. We use various digital tools to make management much simpler and more transparent. Now you can still do your registrations and control measurements on paper in folders; via our HACCP registration app, all employees enter this data digitally. In a dashboard you can see exactly whether all connected locations meet the registration requirement. With this information you can easily make adjustments. A godsend!

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