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Pesticide analyses

The Eurofins laboratory Zeeuws Vlaanderen in Graauw is big in pesticide research. The lab is known for its strong R&D team, which closely follows and incorporates new legislation and technological developments. This is important, because changes in the pesticide market are the order of the day. Thanks to the high-tech investments - in both equipment and knowledge - the lab makes the difference in research into pesticides on the Benelux market. Not only in the quality of its analyses, but also in speed (TATs). Because for you, every second counts. That is why there is as little time as possible between the collection of the sample and the delivery of our report.

Multi-residue screening

Pesticides are contaminants that do not belong in products that consume humans and animals. Sometimes these substances are deliberately used in the cultivation of crops. It is then important to test whether too many pesticides have ended up on the product. Pesticides may also have ended up on your product unconsciously, even though that was not the intention. During a multi-residue screening we investigate which pesticides are on your product and to what extent. We test your product for more than 800 types of pesticides.

One stop shop

We do this, for example, for products such as potatoes, fruit and vegetables, but also for cereals, herbs and animal feed. Our specialists have knowledge of the effects of the substances on a wide range of products. That is why we can treat all your questions in the field of pesticides. Eurofins offers a 'one stop shop' for sampling, analysis and advice in the field of all pesticides and other contaminants. Many growers, transporters, processing companies and buyers in the retail sector know where to find us. Also retailers who buy products abroad, such as exotic fruits and spices or grains. Because of the lower requirements, the purchasing is a greater risk. Eurofins Survey therefore also has in-house expertise for purchasing in the country of origin.

Monitoring throughout the entire chain

By monitoring whether the pesticide content remains below the standard in every step of the chain you can prove that you have your own process under control in the entire chain. Our analyses offer you this information. If everything goes well, you can prove that your products have been grown safely, processed safely and sold safely.


Also for organic cultivation

It's not just growers who use pesticides that come knocking on our door. Organic farmers also test their products in our lab in Graauw. It is theoretically possible that your products will still come into contact with pesticides, even if you do not use them yourself. For example, if your neighbor does use these substances. Or if they end up on another product during transport, which should not contain any pesticides. This can happen, for example, when combining products during loading, or when the contents are exposed to rain during loading and unloading and the pesticides migrate to a different load. A test excludes this migration, which means that you can be sure of your claim to be ‘organic’.


Specialist advice

Not only do we carry out analyses. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the basis of the analysis results. The results provide important steering information. Measuring is knowing. By measuring, you will find out what is the smartest thing to do. If the pesticide content is too high, then it is wise to wash the products (extra) before packaging. At a lower level, this may not be necessary. Because pesticides also break down by sunlight, it can - if the pesticide content is too high - be beneficial to wait one day longer when harvesting or picking. Provided that this has no consequences for your harvest, of course. The retail sector also imposes requirements on the pesticide content of their suppliers' products. Some have a higher standard than others. We advise you which retailers you can contact with your product, based on the analysis results. In this way, we offer a total solution, from growing and harvesting to sales.

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