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42 Eurofins laboratories GMP+ B11-certified

Since 1 January 2020 animal feed producers who want to keep their GMP+ Feed certification are required to have the analysis carried out by a GMP+ B11 certified laboratory. That means the defined transition period has now elapsed. But fortunately Eurofins has 42 GMP+ B11-certified laboratories around the world that will be glad to analyse samples of your raw materials and animal feed products. Four of these laboratories are located in the Netherlands. What’s changed with the introduction of the new GMP+ B11?
The GMP+ B11 contains the protocol for laboratories for GMP+ registration. This protocol took effect on 1 July 2019, with a transition period until 1 January 2020. According to Hans van der Moolen, National Technical Manager at Eurofins, stricter standards now apply to the analysis of contaminants. “These include Aflatoxin B1, dioxins, furans and PCBs, as well as heavy metals including fluoride. For these analyses, animal feed producers who want to keep their GMP+ certification need to choose a B11-certified lab. The B11 does not include pesticides.”

To keep their B11 certification, laboratories must comply with a number of requirements. “A minimum detection threshold of a factor of 5 or 10 lower than the EU standard is mandatory. That means labs must be able to analyse very accurately if a substance is present in a raw material or product. Specialists must be able to show the presence of the substances concerned at low concentrations. In addition, laboratories must be certified for B11, even if they do no carry out the analyses themselves but outsource them. At Eurofins LabCo we also outsource the analyses of heavy metals and dioxins to our lab in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. But Eurofins LabCo still had to certify itself to carry out these analyses according to the B11 protocols”, Van der Moolen explains.

Extensive certification
The GMP+ B11 certification of 42 Eurofins laboratories worldwide proved to be quite an operation. “In the autumn of 2018 we started with the preparations”, says Van der Moolen. “And that was successful: I don’t know any other organisation that has such extensive certification, and that is allowed to carry out analyses under GMP+ certification in every part of the world. That’s the strength of Eurofins. It underlines the quality of our animal feed analyses.” To keep the GMP+ B11 certification we have to be checked on a yearly basis.

Risk management tool
‘GMP’ stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. GMP+ International is a certification standard for animal feeds. It checks if the production process is in accordance with the GMP+ quality system and the associated working processes. The certification extends further than animal feed products and the related lab analyses alone – standards also apply to transport and storage. The GMP+ quality system simplifies quality assurance for animal feed production. “To keep its GMP+ certification, each company has to take a step back in the chain. All suppliers must be certified. It is an excellent risk management tool that contributed to a strong, reliable chain. If the system functions properly, the whole animal feed chain will meet predefined rules. In the food industry, we have just now carried out a first pilot based on this principle using the blockchain. This system not only makes a step back in the chain transparent, it also makes the whole chain digitally visible with just a mouse click, as long as all participants play their role. A great development for safe animal feed and food!”
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