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Do you want to be sure that a private label product meets the legal requirements, know whether it has been fraudulent, or do you want to be sure that the contents of the packaging correspond to the information on the label? Eurofins Food, Feed, Water Benelux monitors private label products.

Together with you, our Retail Consultant draws up a monitoring plan. This plan describes the legal and fraud parameters on which we (your product) can analyze. We test the results in accordance with legislation and/or on the basis of your wishes (specifications).

The monitoring plan and the analysis results are stored in the Europortal. This Eurofins digital database is a central gathering place for information and has a dashboard function with which you can view real-time information and with which you can directly control and take action. For example, it is possible to send questionnaires to your suppliers in order to find out the cause of anomalies. You can also generate various trend analyses that help you to continuously improve your processes.

Ensuring food safety branches

Hygiene Audits

Through audits of our inspectors, you can monitor whether the branches are applying the CBL Hygiene Code correctly. Of course, we provide our advice with possible areas for improvement. Our report is standard provided with photos of the areas for improvement. In addition to the report, we also present the points for improvement in our online portal. You can make any trend analysis of the hygiene inspections and you have access to the real-time control information. Eurofins works according to the self-checking system 'Zekerheid in Veilig Voedsel' (Safety in Safe Food), which is accepted by the NVWA, which means that you are given reduced supervision by the NVWA.


HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points and is a risk inventory for foodstuffs. This inventory involves a lot of red tape. An application has been developed to make the safeguarding of risks and dangers as simple and easy as possible. Through the app, each user location can specifically meet the legal obligations that are imposed on the company. The application includes all HACCP obligations per sector. When a deviation is detected, you immediately receive a notification that a corrective action must be carried out and stated. The app always tests against industry-specific standards.

Risk management Food fraud

In addition, Eurofins has developed the Fraud tool. For each product, we make it clear to you what risks there are, and what analyses you can perform to prove fraud.

Eurofins offers support to retailers and is your sparring partner for risk analyses, calamity management, complaint handling and quality, fraud and food safety issues.

These analyses occur in Retail

  • Organoleptisch onderzoek
  • Voedingswaarde
  • Etiketcontrole
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Gisten en schimmels
  • Salmonella
  • Listeria monocytogenes
  • Gisten
  • Enterobacteriaceae
  • E.coli
  • Bacillus Cereus
  • Anaeroob kiemgetal
  • Aeroob kiemgetal
  • Houdbaarheidsonderzoeken
  • Allergenen (DNA)
  • Conserveringsmiddelen onderzoek
  • Gewicht/ Volume/ Aantal

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