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To read one of our whitepapers we request you fill in your email address.

Food Safety Solutions

Do you have a question about the quality or safety of your food product? Whatever is going on for you as a manufacturer or retailer, Eurofins Food Safety Solutions knows your challenges and is happy to provide you with high quality specialist advice and associated support. Whether it concerns the purchase, the production process or the end product, we think along with you. We do this in the form of consultancy, challenge testing and inspections.

Quality consultancy with certification

You want to make a (continuous) quality improvement in your production process, with the crowning (preservation) of certification for a quality standard. A quality standard demanded by retailers, such as ISO or GMP+. You are looking for an experienced quality expert who will make the most of this opportunity on a daily basis and who will therefore do his or her job quickly and efficiently. There is no need to search any further: our consultants help food producers on a secondment basis with the implementation of quality systems and the preparation of the organization for an audit. Of course you can also contact our consultants with other quality issues, food safety issues, sampling plans to monitor quality and the interpretation of laws and regulations.

Preventing fraud

We believe that any quality system should also guarantee the prevention of fraud. Unfortunately, fraud involving raw materials and their origin is still the order of the day. That is why our fraud expert guides buyers in identifying the risks by means of a special fraud tool. In case of a high risk, you will receive advice on which parameters you can use to test whether or not there is fraud. For example, whether a raw material or semi-manufactured product really comes from Italy or Chile. In this way, you remain in control of risks.

Challenge-testing: substantiation of the shelf life

For both manufacturers and retailers, optimal quality within the shelf life is important. With a challenge test, you can substantiate the shelf life of chilled products from the supermarket, such as meat, fish, dairy products or ready-made meals. Eurofins Food Safety Solutions is market leader in the Netherlands in the field of challenge testing. So what exactly do we do? We investigate how one or more types of micro-organisms behave in the product during its shelf life. In the lab, we deliberately infect a sample of the product with a quantity of micro-organisms. During the shelf life, we look at what happens. If it turns out that the number of microorganisms is growing too rapidly, dangerous situations can arise and you can rule this out with a challenge test.

Total package for food safety

Not only do we test the expiry date, we also perform model calculations that indicate the risk of listeria and other pathogens. The calculations are based on a theoretical model; during a listeria audit, the environment of the production process is taken into account. An audit is a test to see whether the risk that emerged during the model calculation has been adequately captured. And if an outbreak occurs during production, we can trace the source for you. In short: when it comes to food safety, Eurofins Safety Solutions offers a total package.

Label check

For retailers, we check whether product labels comply with legislation and regulations. Our specialists will provide you with advice if a label does not meet your requirements. We do this worldwide. Also for products that you export. We understand that it is difficult to know and understand the legislation of each country. That is why we like to call on our colleagues from our Eurofins-network, Eurofins network, from all over the world. Together with us, they examine which claims you can make and whether the label information is complete.

Quality monitoring of private labels

As a retailer, do you have a private label in your assortment? The specialists at Eurofins Safety Solutions will advise you on the parameters with which you can monitor the quality of your private label products. With the analysis results of the lab, we compare the nutritional value with the information on the label for each product. We also consider compliance with laws and regulations. In your online dashboard, you can view the deviations and trends in real time. In case of deviations, you can easily ask producers for more data via the system. This keeps you in control.

Hygiene audits for retailers

For large retail food chains with eateries, we carry out hygiene audits on the basis of the applicable hygiene code(s). For example, for large fast food chains or petrol stations. Eurofins Food Safety Solutions audits the process from purchase to sale. To this end, we have a POC accreditation from the NVWA. Thanks to the self-monitoring system based on horizontal monitoring, we act as the authority's supervisor. The NVWA uses our findings as a starting point. Our auditors visit your head office every year. You receive a management review and we discuss the deviations, which you can also follow in real time in the online dashboard. We guide locations with deviations towards 'green'. We help them to take a step forward by means of advice, e-learning or extra audits.

Benchmark survey non-food

Detergents, jeans, diapers and dishwashing detergents: many retailers sell them. We can help you with that too. At Eurofins, we research competing products for active ingredients. Which ingredients are better? Special machines test the products and put them to the test. In terms of wear and tear, for example: when does a pair of jeans wear? And how much water can a diaper absorb? Which (dishwasher) detergent washes best? We form a final judgment that you can benefit from. This means that you have gold in your hands for the production of your non-food items.
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