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World’s first Official method for fructans in infant formula and adult nutritionals

Eurofins’ Expertise Centre for Complex Carbohydrates & Chemistry (CCC) announces the development and availability of a new method for the identification of fructans in infant formula and adult nutritionals matrices. The method has received official standard status from the leading organisations in standardisation: AOAC, ISO, CEN, and IDF.

CCC co-developed, in close co-operation with Nestlé Research (Lausanne, Switzerland), this novel method and managed the necessary collaborative study to fulfill the specific official standard method performance requirements. Fructans, including inulin and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), are added as ingredients to all kinds of food, feed and pet food products. Fructans are mandatory components in infant formula and adult nutritionals and they are strictly regulated by various authorities worldwide.

The international standards for the determination of fructans (AOAC 2016.14, ISO 22579, IDF 241:2020) specify a method for the determination of inulin-type fructans (including oligofructose and fructooligosaccharides) in infant formula and adult nutritionals in products prepared ready for consumption. Low levels of fructans can be tested for without the need for information on the specific fructan type. The method is in the process of acquiring GB method status and is also recommended as a new Codex Alimentarius Reference Method for Dispute Resolution.

The method, available at Eurofins CCC, is compliant with ISO 17025, ISO 5725-2:2019 and AOAC SMPR 2014.002. By having significantly contributed to develop and validate internationally a method that now has received the official standard status by AOAC, ISO and IDF, the Eurofins CCC demonstrates Eurofins’ commitment to providing high quality test methods for our food industry customers. 

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