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All around us is water. In the Benelux, good water quality is therefore important to us. Various legislations have laid down how the quality of the water must be safeguarded. Drinking water, but also swimming and/or process water must be free of harmful substances and must not contain too many (harmful) microorganisms. As a research and consultancy firm, Eurofins C-mark is your point of contact for all water safety issues. Our clients can be found in a wide range of sectors, such as..: Hotels & Wellness, Sports & Recreation, Municipalities & Government, Care Institutions & Hospitals, Property Management, Installation Companies, Industries and more.

Depending on the sector in which you operate, or the type of water you are dealing with, we can offer you the right solutions. We have compiled water analysis packages for almost all applications. We can use the research results to indicate whether the water is suitable for the particular application. For your (more complex) issues or for supervision at your location, you can call in one of our experienced advisors. Whether it concerns the preparation of a legionella management plan in accordance with BRL 6010, the monthly monitoring of your bathing water, the ad hoc answering of your questions or the periodically planned consultation with your advisor: it's all part of the possibilities.

With Eurofins C-mark you have one address for all water safety. For more information about C-mark and our services, please visit or contact us directly via or telephone number 088-831 05 00.  

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