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Q & A Update chemical laboratory at Heerenveen

Update chemical laboratory at Heerenveen

After the fire on November 27th at our chemical laboratory at Heerenveen, we were able to serve you as quick as possible by outsourcing our analyses to our sister laboratories. In the meantime, we started to set up a temporary laboratory in Heerenveen and  the analyses of our unique tests were outscourced to Eurofins Agro in Wageningen.  You can find the current overview below. 

We would like to provide you with full information, so we have put the most frequently arising questions and their answers in the list below:

What is the current status of the analyses of the unique tests?
We have a number of special unique tests that cannot be found elsewhere in the Eurofins network. For example, the carbohydrate analyses of our Expertise Center. At Eurofins Agro in Wageningen these tests have been set up again, the following tests are available and can be ordered at Eurofins Online (EOL):

Test code Name test Status
HEC26 Transgalacto Oligosaccharides (T-GOS) Available
HEC1H Transgalacto Oligosaccharides (T-GOS) Available
HEC1I Transgalacto Oligosaccharides (T-GOS)  Available
HEC4A 2'-Fucosyllactose Available
HEC0L Starch including maltodextrine Available
HEGI6 Vacuole volume Available
HEC2W Total sialic acid Expected a.s.a.p.

Please note, that all Samples will be handled on a First-in-First-out (FiFo) base. Unfortunately, we cannot offer rush requests at the moment. Although, we try to keep the delivery time as low as possible. 

We would very much appreciate if you will be able to provide in advance an estimation of the number of samples you plan to send so we can match our planning accordingly and perform the work as efficient as possible. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us at

Are all outsourced analyses accredited?
The selected Eurofins laboratories are all  accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. This means we can offer the same high quality and service that you expect from Eurofins.

I notice that the scope of some chemical operations  has been suspended, what does this mean?
Because the chemical analyses can no longer be carried out on the Eurofins location, a voluntary suspension has been requested (from the 23th of december, 2019) at the RvA. The chemical analyses may not be reported under the Eurofins accreditation. The suspension lasts a maximum of 6 months and can be extended by another 6 months. The organisation is still accredited. The suspension will be cancelled if a number of conditions are met. Eurofins works closely with the RvA in this and follows the agreed procedures.

Will the delivery times still be the same?
We have an overnight transport service between the Eurofins locations in the Netherlands and the adjoining countries. That means we expect any effect on our delivery times to be minimal.

Where will my samples be sent during the period of outsourcing?
The analyses of your samples are currently being outsourced to one of the many other laboratories within Eurofins Food, Feed, Water Netherlands. This may be in the Netherlands or in another European country. A daily transport connection (The "Eurofins Line Haul") is in force with most of these 'locations/sites', with which we hope to limit the delivery time to a maximum of one day extra transport. We register the laboratory where your samples go in our LIMS system and the quotations have been adjusted accordingly.

Do I as a Eurofins customer need to give my approval for the outsourcing or transfer of my analyses?
Normally we ask you to give your approval for the outsourcing of analyses to another laboratory. Because of the exceptional circumstances and the fact that we do not want to lose any time, we are currently suspending this step. If you order a chemical analysis from us in the coming period, this automatically means that you agree to it being outsourced within the Eurofins network.

Will the transfer of tests affect ‘My favourite submissions and samples’ in Eurofins Online?
Yes, after updating the test codes you will also need to update the ‘favourite submissions and favourite samples’.

Will my analysis certificate now be different?
No, you will still receive the same analysis certificate as before. The only difference is that the tests are carried out in another Eurofins laboratory using a different test code. The results will be processed in the same way as usual at Eurofins Food, Feed, Water Netherlands.

Will I now have to submit my samples to a different location?
No, you can continue to submit your samples as normal. For example digitally using Eurofins Online or via B2B. Alternative test codes are now available when requesting tests. 

If, when requesting analysis, you see that the test code starts with the letters HE or PHE, please contact the Customer Service department. This is a Heerenveen test code that may not be used.

You can continue to send your samples using the EOL order or a print of the order to:
Eurofins Food, Feed, Water
Attn.: Sample delivery
Icarus 12
8448 CJ Heerenveen
The Netherlands

Of course you can also have your samples collected by the Eurofins transport service, which you can contact at or by telephone at no. 0800 – 0991180.

Construction temporary laboratory Heerenveen
The construction of our temporary chemical laboratory had almost finished. This is placed next to our microbiological laboratory on our own site at the Icarus in Heerenveen. The expectation is that we can restart the operation  in February. The operation will start up in phases.

As of which date are the chemical analyses available again at our temporary chemical laboratory? 

- Some of the unique tests are available agaian, see the overview above.

- It is expected that from February on, the other tests will be conducted in our temporary laboratory in Heerenveen in phases. 

When analyses are operational again, we make them available in Eurofins Online (EOL), Europortal and in the B2B connector.

Will the costs of the outsourcing be charged to the customer?
No extra costs will be charged, and your analyses will continue to be carried out at the agreed rates.

Does Eurofins offer the same quality as before?
Yes, quality is our top priority at Eurofins, and this continues to apply even though we are temporarily outsourcing analyses within the Eurofins network. We offer the same quality and accreditation of our analyses. There may be some very slight deviations from the normal values, but we will keep these to a minimum. The selected Eurofins laboratories are all accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025.

Can I see interim reports when my samples have been outsourced to other Eurofins laboratories?
No, unfortunately this service is temporarily not possible. You will receive your analysis certificate complete and all at the same time.

To conclude:
This question & answer page has been set up as a result of a fire in the chemical laboratory at Leeuwarderstraatweg in Heerenveen on 27 November 2019. This page is updated regularly and extended with relevant questions & answers. If your questions are not answered here, we ask you to get in touch with your regular contact person or to send us an e-mail at:


On February 3rd, 2020, the new temporary building of the chemical lab was officially opened.

Do you have a general question? Feel free to call or email us.