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Yacht and Eurofins join hands

Employer branding effective tool in marketing strategy

Yacht and Eurofins join hands

Heerenveen, July 2019 - The scarcity of highly educated and specialized talent is still increasing. How does a fast-growing biotechnology organization find well qualified personnel? To answer this question, Eurofins Food, Feed, Water Testing and recruitment organization Yacht Group have joined forces. Yacht will support Eurofins in the entire process around the recruitment and selection of specialists for the non-lab activities such as legal affairs, HR, marketing and sales

Eurofins, founded in France in 1987, is a fast growing, relatively young B2B organization with more than 850 offices and laboratories in 47 countries and 45,000 employees. Dennis Wetjens, Managing Director of Eurofins Food, Feed, Water Netherlands: "Eurofins is responsible for ensuring food and water safety in the Netherlands. We work for virtually all parties in the international food chain, such as traders, food producers, retailers and the government. We are well known in our market. Outside these markets, including the labor market, our brand awareness is still too low. Via Yacht we now have access to a broad network of professionals and their communication channels such as media and trade fairs. In this way we can increase our visibility and reach our target groups more effectively. Employer branding is thus an effective instrument within our marketing strategy."


In addition to the recruitment of new colleagues, Yacht also supports the recruitment of trainees.  Tom Groen, HR Manager at Eurofins: "There are more than 300 trainees working at Yacht every day. They are an important target group for Eurofins. We learn from them and vice versa, our unique business and international working environment offers many opportunities to further develop your skills as a trainee. We like to share that experience with the talents of today and tomorrow."

In order to sustainably strengthen the business of both talent organizations, Yacht and Eurofins are entering into a long-term partnership.