To read one of our whitepapers we request you fill in your email address.

To read one of our whitepapers we request you fill in your email address.

Microbiology analyses

In the Eurofins microbiological laboratory in Heerenveen, specialists analyze 2,000 to 3,000 samples per day. It is the most modern microbiological laboratory in the Benelux. Thanks to the design of the building, the chance of contamination of a sample is reduced to a minimum. Pipetting robots ensure unambiguous quality and faster results.


Pathogens and foodborne pathogens

In the lab, we investigate whether micro-organisms are present in products that can make people ill. This concerns pathogens such as legionella, salmonella and listeria. In addition, we investigate food pathogens, micro-organisms that spoil a product and affect its taste, structure and odor, including lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and molds. Pathogens are also more likely to be present in a spoiled product. And of course you want to avoid that.


Raw materials and end products

if a raw material is not good enough, the quality is not maintained until the expiry date. Raw materials can therefore be tested with us to ensure that the supplier complies with the delivery conditions. End products are tested on legal and proprietary standards.

Food, Feed, Water

Eurofins' microbiological laboratory analyses both  drinking water and process water for various customers. Most of our research concerns food and animal feed, such as dairy and baby food, meat, meat products and dog food. In food and animal feed, we work for manufacturers and retailers. From large multinationals to the butcher on the corner.

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