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To read one of our whitepapers we request you fill in your email address.

Dietary nutrition

As a manufacturer of dietary foods, nutraceuticals or (sports) supplements, you must comply with specific requirements laid down in a range of regulations. Sick people, athletes or allergy sufferers are vulnerable groups, so the quality of their diet must be extremely good. Quality is the spearhead when it comes to dietary foods, nutraceuticals and (sports) supplements.

The legislation is strict and expects you as a producer or distributor to take the necessary care to deliver a good quality end product to your customer. The rules for dietary and medicinal foods are laid down in Dutch or European legislation. Food supplements are intended as a supplement to normal nutrition and are specifically assessed on that basis. Maximum intakes have been set for vitamins A and D. In addition to the general labelling requirements, specific rules have been laid down for the dosage and the information on the label.

By submitting your research to Eurofins, we can support you and ensure that you comply with these strict regulations. We can offer you a total package of analyses to guarantee and optimize the quality and food safety of your products. We can help you with microbiological analyses, chemical contaminants, bioactive substances and more.

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