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Eurofins location Helmond


Eurofins location Helmond, Nederland

Roggedijk 4C

5704 RH Helmond

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Eurofins Food, Feed, Water Benelux has four sattelite laboratories in the Netherlands. The laboratories are located in Zaandam,  Enschede and two loboratories in Helmond. The analysis are under Accreditation (L239).

The sattelite laboratories in Helmond are testing for Trichinella. The Trichine analysis are carried out in the context of food safety and commissioned the NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority). Because the laboratories are located at this location, the samples can be anaysed immediately and the transport time is short.

The sattelite laboraties at the locations in Zaandam, Enschede and Helmond test various microbiological paramters and take care of all the samples for the analysis. In addition, the locations also provide quality assurance tasks, including trend analysis, sampling planning, projects and advice.